Funny pics from terrible maps.

38 Hilariously Unhelpful Gems From Terrible Maps

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funny memes about the polar vortex

15 Polar Vortex Memes And Reactions For Anyone Just Trying To Stay Warm

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He Do A Help

Several pics of a polar bear "helping" to push a ship that got stuck in the ice
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antarctica learning politics - 77164801

Is Antarctica Really No-Man's Land?

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The Arctic Summer is Perpetual

antarctica mindwarp gifs sun - 8235602688
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Around The World in 5 Seconds

antarctica gifs - 8003918592
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What Antarctica Looks Like Without Ice

mindwarp gifs ice science funny antarctica - 7541799424
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Well, Thanks for That, I Guess

wtf antarctica - 7127557888
By ButtGold

Penguin Highway in Antarctica

antarctica gifs penguins running - 7054370816
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forever alone antarctica population - 7014892032
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Study Penguins, They Said

forever alone antarctica map - 6824063232
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Please Say What One More Time

antarctica cities continent what - 6566275072
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They Just Wanna Melt the Ice

antarctica browsers firefox internet Memes penguins - 6506854400
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Penguin Fun in Antarctica

antarctica fun gifs penguins - 6175898368
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)