Yeah Man

Meme that reads, "Why does everyone force introverts to be talkative and leave their comfort zone, but no one forces the extroverts to shut up, even for a minute, to make the zone comfortable?"
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Funny memes about having a sibling

17 Sibling Memes That Are Annoyingly Relatable

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Customer support troll account who responds to various complaints made by customers

'The Amazing Troll-Man' Hilariously Impersonates Customer Service Representatives

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Can Someone Get Rid Of That Kid Please

Funny meme about the one kid in gym class who likes to show off their athletic skills
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Funny tweets about things people would steal to slightly inconvenience someone's day

Hypothetical Burglars Reveal The Little Things They Would Steal To Ruin Someone's Day

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I Think About This Every Day

Funny meme about wondering what it would be like to punch an annoying coworker while they tell a story
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We All Knew This Feeling

Funny meme about cleaning the entire house when you were younger
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Stop That!

Funny meme with Gordon Ramsay about chairs getting tangled with wires on the floor
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Y Tho

Funny meme about twisting one's ankle on the ground
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Funny Comedy Central video about an annoying guy in the office who always quotes movies

Annoying Movie-Quoting Dude Is A Coworker We *All* Have

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Funny meme about someone one-upping your unhealthy lifestyle
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It's BS

Funny Hot Pockets meme about how women's jeans often have no pockets
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It's That Time Of Year Again!

Funny meme featuring Theresa May about bugs coming into one's home when the window is left open
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Oh My God Shut Up

Funny tweet about how someone will always compare the weather in their current residence to where they're from
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rage annoying storytime bathroom stupid people story entitled - 8303365

Entitled Customer Demands Bathroom Renovation For Super Cheap In This Infuriating Story

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Video of a guy acting out different bug personalities

This Is The Hilarious Drama That Would Go Down If Insects Could Introduce Themselves

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