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20+ Mildly Infuriating Things That Are Unquestionably Irritating

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Insufferable Humble Braggers Who Need Taking Down a Peg

We get it, you're special
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Disgruntled Redditors Provide Examples of Things People Do When They Aren't Raised Right

Shameful behavior
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Ignorant People Who Somehow Think They’re The Next Einsteins

2 + 2 = jerk
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Clingy Coworker Reports Unwitting Mentor to HR For Standing Her Ground

This incompetent coworker reported her competent teammate to HR after she spent months hounding her for information and experience. The report was instigated by the teammate standing her ground after she finally reached a breaking point from all the questions. In a post on Reddit 's r/ AITA (Am I the A-Hole), this user shared her story , wanting to see if she was wrong for reporting her teammate. Readers were quick to point out how out of touch with reality the poster was. Some commenters, like…
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Funniest Customer Service Memes In Honor Of McDonald's 'Boo Bucket's' - The Frenzy Is Real

Funniest Customer Service Memes In Honor Of McDonald's 'Boo Bucket's' - The Frenzy Is Real

Don't notify the Karens
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Men Reveal the Things That Make Them Silently Judge People the Most

Big no-nos
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20+ Redditors Reveal Everything That Is Guaranteed To Infuriate Them

Stop that
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Cringey Humblebrags From Obnoxious People

Who asked you?
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'Let People Enjoy Things' Is The Perfect Meme To Show That Self-Righteous Hipster In Your Life

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Oh My God Shut Up

Funny tweet about how someone will always compare the weather in their current residence to where they're from
Via climbersrock

Calm Down Betty

Caption that reads, "Person with tattoos: *going about their day;* Old white woman: ..." above a pic of an ugly hairless cat looking angry wearing a sweater
Via Angryolive

You Need To Balance Your Chakra

Text that reads, "Have you tried speaking to the manager...within?" over an animated pic of a middle-aged woman appearing to meditate
Via summerbabe22

Oddly Specific But Accurate

Tweet that reads, "You know when you're a fast walker and the guy ahead of you is fast too but only 90% as fast as you, so you MUST pass him, but to pass him you have to walk comically faster than your normal speed, or else you'll be in his personal space too long as you pass? That's annoying"
Via nerfasians

The Hero We Needed

Caption that reads, "This lil a**hole wouldn't move his legs for three adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs" above a pic of a little kid playing video games while taking up three seats; then a guy comes and sits on top of his legs and people around him look shocked
Via MsClearSIight

Just. Stop.

Caption that reads, "When that one person everyone hates in class starts talking" above a pic of a bunch of Spongebob characters looking annoyed
Via HammerSlammer
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