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Clingy Coworker Reports Unwitting Mentor to HR For Standing Her Ground

This incompetent coworker reported her competent teammate to HR after she spent months hounding her for information and experience. The report was instigated by the teammate standing her ground after she finally reached a breaking point from all the questions. In a post on Reddit 's r/ AITA (Am I the A-Hole), this user shared her story , wanting to see if she was wrong for reporting her teammate. Readers were quick to point out how out of touch with reality the poster was. Some commenters, like…
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Linda Wasn't Having Anyone's BS

Someone named Linda wrote up a sign for her desk with snarky answers to small-talk questions including "How was your Christmas?"
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Mornings Are Never "Good"

Meme of Britney Spears saying, "'re getting on my nerves" under a caption that reads, "Walking into work and I hear 'Good morning'"
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14 People Reveal The Irritating Things Their Insufferable Coworkers Do

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