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Men Reveal the Things That Make Them Silently Judge People the Most

Big no-nos
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Not Cool

Funny meme about an older brother giving a younger brother a dead X-Box controller | man looking with resentment at another man playing acoustic guitar
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Just Shut Up

Funny meme that reads, "When someone you hate is breathing" above a still of Christina Ricci looking annoyed
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Yeah Could You Make It Quick

Caption that reads, "Me listening to any conversation that I had to take my headphones off for" above a bunch of pics of Spongebob characters looking annoyed
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Um Excuse Me

"When you're trying to be lazy and someone starts being unnecessarily loud and productive around you" above a stock photo of a guy lying on a couch angrily holding up a bell
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Wow, I Haven't Heard That One 500 Times Today

Random Fish Guy from Spongebob looking annoyed with the caption, "Me to customer: Can I get you anything else? Customer: A million dollars; Me: ..."
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annoyed cat phone - 4428370432
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Apathetic Secret Service

annoyed secret service paul ryan - 6741733376
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I Don't Even Have to Look

Mitt Romney barack obama face debate annoyed - 6687577088
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I Am Darkwing Duck!

army soldiers speech annoyed fog - 6575873280
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And I Would Have Gotten Away With it Too

annoyed bill clinton clinton flirting joe biden - 6587518208
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The Whole World's Behind Him on This One

annoyed Canada justin bieber song vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6575560960
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annoyed car envy - 6529792000
Created by MingTedious

You Should Hear Him Try the Accent

annoyed cowboy impression kim jong-un Ri Sol Ju ri sol-ju - 6459194880
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annoyed clothes idiots troll - 4920785664
Created by sidrom1

War: It's Just Like in the Movies!

annoyed grenade military movie reference soldiers - 4271767808
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