Look Out for that Adorable Mob of Kangaroos

animal - 7683378944
Via Jessica Draws

I Think You're Getting Attacked by an Animal

animal dogs - 7294995968
By Lindsey Ketchum

Definitely Not 'Shopped

shopped seal animal - 7294045184
By Unknown

Taking a Picture are We?

animal dogs - 7245044736
By Unknown


goat animal - 7170703104
By Unknown

Giraffe Malfunction

wtf giraffes broken animal - 3450266624
See all captions By iizlolferret

Geometry Puns Are Weird...

question geometry answer longform animal - 7061879552
By Unknown

Machu Picchu Has Never Been so Appropriately Photobombed by a Llama

llama yawn animal derp - 7020733696
By BrianJF (Via Erika Kuschel)


zoo animal - 7007693568
By Unknown

A Magical Seal

ultimatum seal suggestion animal double meaning - 7000167680
By Unknown


Pokémon skull animal - 3500795392
See all captions By JackTheron

Damn Dolphins

useless dolphins graffiti animal - 6843173120
By Koala_la-la

This Bell Pepper Totally Looks Like This Angry Cartoon Frog

cartoons food animal funny frog - 6786145536
By patsudol

Tony Harris Totally Looks Like Tard the Grumpy Cat

TLL meme animal Grumpy Cat Cats - 6766462464
By Unknown

This Dog Totally Looks Like Sweet Jesus Guy

TLL meme animal dogs funny - 6753924608
By christopher575

Donald Trump Totally Looks Like Grizzly Bear

donald trump TLL bear animal funny - 6757678336
By cheathershaw