Are you an angel? Maybe a Triangle. Just make sure you're not too obtuse. From snow angles to angels, you'll find everything and anything punny about angels. So clap your hands together and grab your protractor and get ready to consistently laugh throughout, at least if you're equilateral.


Funny meme about angle vs angel
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Funny meme about using a unicorn head as a christmas tree topper.
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Everyone Needs an Angle

angel angle moms misspelling - 8984417536
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Can She Fly When She's Drunk?

angel drunk whiskey wings - 3811627776
Created by JasonT

Eating Devil's Food Cake

Via Go Comics

What an Angelic Presence

angel funny internet wtf - 7939824640

Hark! The Herald Angle Sings!

angel typo literalism letter swap triangle suffix - 7120941056
Created by jagodwin

Snowball Fights Are Great for Learning Physics

angel switcheroo angle literalism - 6893917440
Via Domics

This Is Highly Unusual

angel fire comic - 6763251456


angel baseball crotch grab hilarious - 6408887040
Created by KrustyNipple

Who Says She's An Angel?

angel double meaning hair literalism pasta variety - 6304549632
Created by xyzpdq1

Touched By an Angel

angel awesome best of week butterfly metal Music - 5801367296

Classic: Your Stupidity, on the Other Hand, Is Not

angel Angles facebook spelling - 5733745920
Created by whitegirlswag

Like the Way They Fall From Heaven

angel devil dumb Yahoo Answer Fails - 5219637248

Staring Contest

angel fry meme futurama the internets - 5099055360
Created by IncognitusBetus

Advice Doctor: Dat Angel

angel blink doctor who eyes Memes smart - 4838621440
See all captions Created by HarlequinZombies
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