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Hilariously Slapstick Mishaps That Ensued From Absentmindedness

In a famous story from Douglas Adams' book So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish , the protagonist Arthur recounts a time he sat down at a table to enjoy a coffee, newspaper, and packet of biscuits he'd recently purchased at a shop. To his horror, a man sitting across from him grabbed the packet of biscuits, tore it open, and started eating them. Instead of saying anything, Arthur passive-aggressively reached into the packet and took what was rightfully his, hoping the man would get the message.…
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15+ Times Overthinking & Anxiety Saved The Day

Sometimes worrying all the time pays off in the end
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Funny askreddit thread about stories from partners of people who sleepwalk and sleeptalk, relationships, dating, marriage | Cocamello 11.8k points 6 days ago 3 2 3 More My grandfather hard sleep talker my grandmother has funny story. One day my grandfather while sleeping saying" do punch this asshole" my grandmother replayed yeah punch him then my grandfather his sleep punched her.

Partners Of Sleep Walkers & Talkers Share Amusing Anecdotes

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4chan Anecdotes That Range Between Amusing, Concerning And Wholesome

A melting pot of strangeness.
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Funny tweets about the most dad things people have done in the year 2019 | Ryan Nanni @celebrityhottub As do every Father's Day is time us share most Dad thing did this year Being father is not requirement participate will go first developed extensive opinions about dried fruit options. | Ray Schmitt @r_aymo Replying celebrityhottub Told my wife all water toys don't need be our front yard every day let kids neighborhood kill someone else's grass could barely believe said 1:26 PM 6/16/19 Twitter

45 Paternal Souls Share The Most 'Dad' Things They've Done This Year

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22 Endearing Anecdotes About Kids Being Dumb

Gotta love 'em
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25 Amusing Anecdotes From The Insular World Of 4chan

Some safe-for-work green text
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