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Snarky iPhone Memes With a Charger Sold Separately

Don't you hate it when the texts go green?
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Valuable Thread Explains the Necessity of Digital Decluttering

Delete, delete, delete
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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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It's True

'Epic Handshake' meme where "Hating Apple" unites "Windows Users, Android users, God and doctors"
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Funny twitter meme 'they live among us'

'They Live Among Us' Is Our New Favorite Twitter Meme

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Samsung, Take Note

Regina George meme with the caption, "Stop trying to make Bixby happen, it's not going to happen"
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Pick Your Poison

Funny meme about apple iphones vs androids.
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Looking Good

Funny meme about how Androids take shitty photos.
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So Real

Funny meme making fun of people who prefer iphones over androids.
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Funny collection of dank memes about sex, pizza, school | Animal - if aliens aren't real than do explain croc circles wolfgrillz

16 of Today's Best Memes

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When someone tries to take your photo with an Android, kid leaning into car and the text reads "don't disrespect me like that."
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android iphone Memes - 9025207808
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We've Been at This for a While

android iPhones smartphones failbook - 8314746112

Samsung Paid Me to Be Here

android iPhones Samsung apple - 7870114560

Web Developer Bypasses 6-Second Upload Limit on Vine, Crashes the Site

twitter android rickroll vine rickrolled rick astley funny failbook - 7537598208
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