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Twitter users and new yorkers react to andrew yang saying his favorite subway station is times square

Andrew Yang Roasted For Picking Times Square As His Favorite Subway Station

Oy vey.
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twitter, trending tweets, memes, andrew yang, bodega, new york city, funny tweets, roast, politics | Jeff Mac @JeffMaclsHere Replying to @AndrewYang This is a bodega like the apartments on "Friends" were NYC apartments. 30-50 Poor CEOs at the coup @expelliarmoire Replying to @AndrewYang If you can spread both of your arms and spin around without literally knocking over two shelves full of expired laundry detergent you're not in a bodega

Andrew Yang Gets Dragged On Twitter For Mistaking Regular Store For Bodega

Yang Gang has entered the bodega wars
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Funny political memes about the democratic race for the presidency, bernie sanders, socialism, michael bloomberg, russia, media coverage, election 2020, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, donald trump | NEWS Hillary Clinton admits she feels an 'urge run against Trump again By Mark Moore January 28, 2020 10:21am Everyone disliked | political predictions have been proven wrong 763rd Time Media Russians nut button

Fresh Election Memes For Anyone Who Isn't Sick Of The Democratic Race

This is already one hell of a ride.
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Twitter thread imagining dates with democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders, michael bloomberg, joe biden, amy klobuchar, donald trump, elizabeth warren, andrew yang | nicole Najafi @NicoleNajafi Replying NicoleNajafi Joe Biden He takes dinner Meatpacking District. He orders cosmo before arrive, like on new show Sex and City He talks all night about hot nightclub where his friend Barack has table and can "get us Barack never shows up DATE WITH JOE BIDEN 11:07 AM 2/22/20 Twitter Web Ap

Writer Imagines Dates With Democratic Presidential Candidates

Some of these are pretty accurate.
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Funny memes about Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang drops out of presidential race | andrew yang meme heaven "come join us andrew" clouds separating to reveal holy light and presidential candidates who had dropped from the race. salt bae as andrew yang in a white shirt sprinkling dollar bills like salt.

Andrew Yang Memes To Commemorate His Dropping Out

Yang Gang out.
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Funny images of democratic candidates with big brains, democratic debate, bernie sanders, cory booker.

Big-Brain Versions Of Democratic Candidates Up The Debate's Funny Factor

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