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Humans Never Change

Tumblr post that reads, "Do not let a woman who decorates her buttocks deceive you, by wily coaxing, for she is after your granary;" someone comments below, "Some oddly specific advice from Hesiod (700BC);" someone else comments below, "Which thicc girl hurt you (and stole your grain)"
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All Talk

Caption that reads, "When you acting hard in front of the squad but your horse knows you a b*tch" above a medieval painting of a guy holding a sword up while his horse looks at him with distrust
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Caption that reads, "When someone takes the last slice of pizza" below a pic of a sculpture of a baby putting its hand into a man's mouth
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Object-label meme where a little girl running represents "everything" and a peacock chasing her represents "the Mongols"
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Josh Speaks The Truth

Caption that reads, "Zeus: I control the sky; Hades: I control the underworld; Neptune: ..." above a pic of Josh from Drake and Josh saying, "I ... control the speed at which lobsters die"
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ancient history memes

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