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Funny dank memes about ancient history | Athenian politicians Greek playwrights mock them sorry, is this some sort peasant joke l'm too rich understand? | Wayne's World fuckyeahmoviequotes Ptolemy Don't want open present? Carlton is still lowest! AYNE'S Caesar If 's severed head, l'll be very upset.

Nineteen Ancient History Memes For The Inquisitive

Gotta love some good old educational content from time to time.
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Fifty Dank Memes For Lovers Of Ancient History

Blast from the way back past.
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Only Ancient Greek Kids Will Get This

Funny 'OK Boomer' meme from Ancient Greece
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Funny trolling Twitter thread about Cleopatra

People Are Trolling Twitter With Ridiculous Images Of What Cleopatra Looked Like

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Funny Twitter thread about the life of Cleopatra

Cleopatra Was Extra AF, According To This Totally Ridiculous Twitter Thread

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Humans Never Change

Tumblr post that reads, "Do not let a woman who decorates her buttocks deceive you, by wily coaxing, for she is after your granary;" someone comments below, "Some oddly specific advice from Hesiod (700BC);" someone else comments below, "Which thicc girl hurt you (and stole your grain)"
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In Your FACE

Caption that reads, "When you and your friend argue and Google confirms your dominant intellect" above a pic of an ancient Greek statue holding up another guy's head
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Caption that reads, "When someone takes the last slice of pizza" below a pic of a sculpture of a baby putting its hand into a man's mouth
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ancient history memes

14 Ancient History Memes That'll Give You Some Of That Sweet Knowledge

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funny memes about zeus and greek mythology

20 Smooth Zeus Memes To Celebrate Mythology's Freakiest Playboy

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funny memes about ancient rome

30 Ancient Roman Memes To Help You Seize The Day

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boobs ancient greece - 1301253

In Ancient Greece Great Breasts Were an Acceptable Legal Defense

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9,573 ft., Not Even a Third the Size of Everest

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