Only 800 BC Kids Will Get This

Funny meme depicting "today's kids" using smartphones, next to a painting of cavemen | so glad i grew up doing this not this
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Funny memes about Greek mythology | tweet by tinyconfusion kylie minogue and keanu reeves look like hades and persephone would look like if they had get interviewed bank loan their kid's college tuition. drake and josh: Zeus control sky Hades control underworld Neptune: CONTROL SPEED AT WHICH LOBSTERS DIE.

Funny Greek Mythology Memes Fit For The Gods

If only Zeus could've kept it in his pants.
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Funny memes about ancient history, ancient greece, ancient rome.

40+ Ancient History Memes That'll Make You Feel Smarter

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ancient funny memes humans Caveman prehistoric dinosaurs anthropology science - 8533509

33 Prehistoric Memes That Are Literally Savage

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Hell Yeah Time To Get Turnt

Caption that reads, "'This house has been haunted for 700 years. Any person who has walked in mysteriously disappeared;' White people: ..." above a pic of Random Fish Guy from Spongebob walking into the Krusty Krab
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classical art memes

18 Classical Art Memes For The Highly Sophisticated

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Pic of a fossil of a giant tooth sticking into a vertebrae with caption that reads, "A Megalodon tooth stuck in a whale vertebrae. This is the most badass fossil in existence"
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28 Depressing Times Millennials Felt Positively Ancient

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This 'Electricity' Business Sounds Like BS To Me...

Caption that reads, "I'd love to go back in time and blow people's minds with my incredible knowledge" above an illustration of a modern guy sitting among people from Jesus' time who are asking, "But how do you make this 'electricity?' Modern guy replies, "I don't know"
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The Ancient Meme Tradition Says So

Caption reads, "Old Japanese engraving - 'A woman cuts the hem of a kimono as not to wake a cat'" above a Japanese painting of the same
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The Ancient One Has Spoken

ancient all star smash mouth shrek image - 8997602304
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Ancient Egyptian Statue Totally Looks Like Michael Jackson

ancient michael jackson statue TLL bust - 6953861376
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ancient ancient aliens dolan - 6213423104
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Like Memes? Why Not Combine Them?

Aliens ancient combo double Memes Zoidberg - 5185773824
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Reframe: Must Be the Mooninites

Aliens ancient history minecraft Reframe video games - 5156648448
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This Ugly Cat Totally Looks Like A Moai From Easter Island

ancient animals cat easter island - 5076580096
By chelseafletcher86
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