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Funny memes and tumblr posts about america, americans | England: Has anybody seen America? Canada: Hold on got this Canada clears throat* Canada: Where did come where did go America CRASHES THROUGH DOOR* America: WHERE DID COME COTTON EYE JOE | epic handshake with only one arm inches feet fahrenheit USA

21 'Murican Memes & Posts That *Anyone* Can Laugh At

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funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, random memes | Never been more proud my country US troops drink Iceland capital's entire beer supply one weekend Fox News | better have and not need than need and not have comfysweaters mustard gun

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An Eon's Worth Of History Memes

These meme are a blast from the past.
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Ohhh Boy...

Tumblr post where someone asks what supervillain they'd be if they had the power to heal, and someone answers "the American healthcare system"
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