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25+ History Memes for Those Who Learn From the Mistakes of the Past

Educate me
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30+ History Memes That Educate as They Entertain

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of memes
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People Discuss The Biggest Scams in History

Giving Joanne the Scammer a run for her money
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History Memes For People Who Like to Laugh at the Past

It's true that the past however thousands of years have blessed us with technologies from the wheel to our iPhones. But there's also been a lot of bad sh*t to come out of these technologies and relative progress of humanity. Weapons, war, racism, genocide, etc etc. The people of the past, whether on the “good side” or “bad sides” of history, would probably balk at the fact that we're sitting here looking at memes about their trials and tribulations. Or at least we hope they would. That said, it…
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History Memes That Use the Old Days as a Punchline

When I was a sullen teenager with a vintage clothing addiction and an ever-growing record collection, I would often find myself thinking “I wasn't made for these times.” I likened myself to an old soul - world-weary and wise, with a timeless charm and worldly intellect. While some of this is probably thanks to living in New York City, a cultural mecca of sorts, I was also just…dumb. What times did I really think I was made for? The Great Depression? Did I think I would be better suited to the d…
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Funny news fail about donner lake california, christmas, cannibalism

News Program's Gruesome Holiday Fail Delights American History Buffs of Twitter

As purveyors of entertainment media, we know it can be a hustle to churn out timely, holiday-related content around the end of the year. Finding content that has to do with Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or even peoples' contempt for the holidays can be tough especially when we're working abbreviated schedules. It's only natural that some well-meaning people would manage to muck this up, and it seems that one television news channel has won 2022's award for “Best Seasonal Fail of the Year". Twit…
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Funny history memes, lol, european history, war | MOND HEAL PA ALACK dy Saps tekst FLEX 'APE Naming colonial settlement British colonists 01BAL LACK "New" | cat: meo- ancient Egyptians blessing Lord!

Mostly-Fresh History Memes For Scholarly Scrollers

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Funny and dank history memes, stupid memes, funny, historical memes, educational memes, european history, wwii | Spanish Flu People 1918 two kids scared of a bunny while a tiger preys on them from behind | Drakeposting carving up turkey carving up Turkey Black Sea 07eteon Burna Ankars Medtoransan Sca III l n by

40+ History Memes For Intellectual Scrollers

The past makes for some good memes.
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20+ Memes Full of Historical Humor and Educational Jokes

Laugh and learn at the same time
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funny history memes | HONEST ABE frees slaves SOUTH trying kidnap rightfully stolen. The Princess Bride | Native Americans: Can just let us live on our ancestral land own? America: OK OKLAHOMA IS HOME NOW unsheathing sword

History Memes Drenched In Scholarly Humor

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Video: The Pledge of Allegiance was a Scam to Sell American Flags

Of course.
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20+ Dank History Memes for Scholarly Scrollers

Learn while you laugh
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Funny and dank history memes, educational | Italians World War Italians New York Michael Scott in The Office | food exists this guy and took u/SupremeMemeBrowser Stalin michael Jordan and I took that personally meme

50 History Memes For Comedy-Loving Antiquarians

A long, long time ago...
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Dank funny and spicy history memes, europe, global history, american history | Able-bodied young man 1914-1918 Exists European governments be soldier. | July 1943 LEBENSRAUM Manifest Destiny Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. They're same picture. Pam The Office

57 Dank History Memes That Roast Pretty Much Everyone

Mamma mia.
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Funny, dark, edgy history memes, european history, wwII, wwI, dank memes | USSR 1930s: Slide theleft. Germany and Italy 1930s: Slide right. Spain 1930s: Criss-Cross! | Celebrity breathes* 50s America: Could Repeat Commie?

35 History Memes To Distract From Our Current Hell

The past ain't looking so bad anymore.
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funny memes, memes, dank memes, history memes, american history, european history, ancient history, asian history, imperialism, war, colonialism, soviet union, world history, random memes | English students studying entirety their country's history Are baddies? | Tulips aren't actually worth price three houses. Dutch Merchants Dutch Merchants have go make call.

37 Spicy History Memes Full Of Jokes About The Past

Laugh while you learn
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