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Multilingual Dude Figures Out Perfect Formula For Speaking Human Simlish

Who knew?
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British People Experience Revelation Trying Popeyes For The First Time

Forever changed
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U.S. Citizens Fascinated By American Section At Irish Grocery Store

America = processed sugar
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Funny video from Casually Explained: America

Casually Explained: America Is Filled With Arguably Accurate Roasts

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funny realizations about usa culture | Sugar visited Japan, even some their sweetest desserts pale comparison much sugar is American food.

18 Americans Explain What They Were Surprised To Learn Is Strictly 'Murican

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Funny memes about Texas | Why can Texas fly its flag at same height as U.S. flag see no God up here Other than ME | Texans viewed Alaska joining United States TEXAS DOUBLE WHOPPER Biggest State. Biggest Combo nobody counts alaska.

Eighteen Texas Memes Full Of That Southern Hospitality

Well bless your heart.
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Depressingly Accurate

Funny meme about how other countries have free healthcare and the United States does not
Via WhosUrBuddha
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This Is How You Make Sure Americans Get A Full Dosage Of Their Daily Exercise

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How Unsafe!

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The Real Movember Reasons

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Unless You're American and It's Ranch Dressing, Right?

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What Are All These People Complaining About?

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One Happy Piece of Tin

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British Education

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