America The Beautiful

Funyn meme about Americans fearing war, picture of someone saying a rocket explosion looks like a squirrel cumming.
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He Can Handle It

Funny meme about Harrison Ford taking care of national security.
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What Else Could It Be?

Funny text exchange meme featuring two bald eagles that look like they are talking, one person says they are singing the lyrics of the national anthem.
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We've Come So Far

Meme about how far we've come as free Americans, photo of a man in an American flag swimsuit with a fake face on the back of his head while making breakfast.
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Funny patriotic meme about budweiser beer and eagles.
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Enjoy Your Hot Dogs

Funny meme about Kermit the frog - saying that a lot of people who were saying they were moving to Canada will be celebrating 4th of july.
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Aint That America

Funny meme with a dog dressed patriotically, saying he drank budweiser.
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Happy 4th of July

Funny web comic about the 4th of july involving the "national shame" of donald trump.
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Love Is Love

Funny meme about future american couples, photo of a neckbeard holding a gun and an anime body pillow.
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No Comment

funny meme about rhode island's porn watching habits - apparently they love sonic the hedgehog porn, specifically sonic sucking his own dick.
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Canada america image - 8990727424
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