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Aspiring Comedian Gets Roasted After Impromptu Stand-up Routine No One Asked For

Are Californians okay? When a projector malfunctioned in an AMC theater in Burbank on Wednesday, Tiffany King, a self-proclaimed psychic medium and comedian decided to rise to the occasion and become the entertainment of the night. Several people in the audience naturally whipped out their phones and documented the spectacle from many different angles. King didn't exactly tell jokes in her unsolicited stand-up routine. It was more like a chaotic tirade of absurd proclamations. “I joined the all…
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23 Spot On 'Stock Market BF & Astrology GF' Memes

These work so well
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'Me After Investing' Memes Boom As Twitter Plays The Stock Market

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30 Spicy Memes For People Who Hate Wall Street

Even more memes about the GameStop saga
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Posts & Hot Takes From Inside Reddit's Big Short Squeeze

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Tenzin from Avatar Totally Looks Like Walter from Breaking Bad

breaking bad walter white TLL amc TV bryan cranston Avatar funny - 6622632960
By cornflowerblues

Wait, is This a New Episode?

amc TV The Walking Dead - 7116946944
By ddog82

Tom Felton Totally Looks Like Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

aaron paul breaking bad actor TLL amc TV tom felton funny - 6850742272
By bee60763

Zombie from The Walking Dead Totally Looks Like Jim Carrey

actor TLL amc TV zombie funny The Walking Dead - 6717166336
By Unknown

Breaking Bad, The Drinking Game!

Funny picture of the rules for playing the Breaking Bad Drinking Game.
Via The Campus Companion

I'd Still Blame Lori and Carl

amc The Walking Dead zombie - 6284265472
By asqueezy2010

Josh Lyon (Next Food Network Star) Totally Looks Like Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes, Walking Dead)

amc funny TLL TV - 6271570432
By shoopdawhooplolz

The Walking Meme

amc television The Walking Dead zombie - 6033349376
By pedretta