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Cursed Amazon Product Reviews for Five Star Prime Members and Avid Online Shoppers

Alexa, come pick me up, I want to go home
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Funny video about if streaming services were honest

Cracked's 'Honest Ads' Imagines a World Where Streaming Services Are Actually Honest

Picture this: It's Wednesday night, and you and your partner (or cat, or dog, or Real Doll) are posting up on the couch, getting ready to veg out after a hearty dinner delivered by one of those apps that takes a huge cut from the restaurant's profits. All you have to do is pick something to watch. At first, this seems like an easy task. But it is no easy feat. Somehow with Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and, what's it called? Peacock? Whatever. There's never anything good to watch. And ye…
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30 'Evangelion' Memes Because The Nine Year Wait is Finally Over

After nine years of leaving anime nerds hanging, director Hideaki Anno is finally bringing Evangelion:3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time to international audiences . Amazon Prime will release the final installment of the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion series today and fans are absolutely losing it. 24 HOURS UNTIL EVERYTHING ENDS WE'VE WAITED 9 YEARS FOR THIS #Evangelion #shineva — phuc (@reisbandnudeln) August 12, 2021 On their website, Amazon's description for Thrice Upo…
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Show Some Respect

Funny meme with Optimus Prime about Amazon Prime Day deals, respect, he died for our sins | Prime Day has become too commercialized and everyone has forgotten the true meaning of the holiday. HE DIED FOR YOU, PEOPLE.
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1984 Is Happening All Over Again

Funny tweet about life in the future when Amazon has taken over | Save Patrick @lunch_enjoyer 2029: My tv starts flashing red with an alert because I lied to Amazon Prime about how many people are in my living room watching Trolls 5. They send 15 cops in riot gear and they kill my dog. Im not allowed to shop at Whole Foods for two weeks.
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Asking The Important Questions

Advertisement for a weird Amazon product called the AirZooka that shoots air at people; someone asks, "Can you fart into it and blow it into someone's face from across the room?"
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We Hear And Obey

Tweet about how Amazon used to just sell books online but in the future will virtually be controlling our lives
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