always has been

Needed This

funny meme about astronauts with guns, wholesome meme, cute meme, love meme | You in your entirety including your flaws struggles and insecurities wait it's all lovable? always has been
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For Whoever Needs To Hear This

Funny meme about how mens knee length shorts are ugly | Wait men's knee length shorts are ugly? Always have been astronaut pointing gun at another astronaut in space
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This Meme Keeps Getting More And More Creative

Funny 'Always Has Been' dank meme where the viewer is actually the meme | Always have been. Wait, they're the meme now?
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Wait, It's All Ohio? Always Has Been memes astronaut pointing gun at another astronaut while they look at earth from space | Why is every time open reddit s always three? Harry Potter Professor McGonagall | idiot, turn around. Wtf, where's earth? Oh.

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When the moon hits your eye...

Funny meme with the astronauts, that's amore, dean martin, always has been | wait that's Amore ? Always has been. Pizza pie moon
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