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25 Memes For People Who’ve Partied Too Hard and Regretted It

If partying too hard is something you've regretted at least once in your life, you'll relate to these memes.
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Cringey Bartender Attempts To Make a 'Perfect Old Fashioned', Fails Miserably

Poor soul
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Party People Discuss Things That Ruin a Party's Vibe

It's my party and I'll ruin the vibe if I want to
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Bartender Serves Hilariously Huge Pint of White Wine

How much wine is too much wine ? That is a difficult question for people just beginning to drink out of a glass instead of straight from the bottle. I drank my wine directly from the bottle throughout college. I love strawberry Barefoot wine from the corner store, and nobody could stop me! Even when I had enough dignity to put this drink in a cup, I did not use a wine glass. I would pour a bunch of wine into a little plastic cup and have a swell night of libations and merriment. Now that I'm an…
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People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Redbull is the perfect mixer
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A compilation of memes about wine and drinking

A Big Girl Bottle of Wine Memes For Wine Moms

I stand in solidarity with the wine mom community . During the pandemic, I was close to becoming one myself. From January to April of 2021, I would go to my local corner store every Friday and buy a bottle of strawberry-flavored Barefoot wine. If that sounds like trashy college kid wine, you would be 100% correct. At the time, I thought buying screw-cap wine was so mature as opposed to one of those giant cans of peach-flavored Mikes Hard Lemonades. I usually wouldn't consume the whole bottle in…
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20 Funniest Boozy Memes for Degenerates Keen on Wrecking the Weekend With Debauchery and Happy Hour Drinks

A hangover happens because you're borrowing happiness from the morning and using it for your nighttime fun.
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is Borg? (February 11, 2023)

Breaking down the beverage of the moment.
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Lifestyle TikToker Gets Mocked for Bizarre Refrigerator Makeover

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21 Wine Memes For Sommeliers

Very fancy
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Dry January Memes for All Virtuous Drinkers

Wring yourself out
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Funny drunk texts and texts from the morning after.

Dubious But Entertaining Texts From Drunk Nights and the Morning After

Drink responsibly.
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A Magnum's Worth Of Wine Memes For Lovers of Fermented Grapes

Drink up
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Brooklyn Beckham's "Experimental" Gin & Tonic Gets Roasted by Twitter

Peak nepo baby
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Funny drunk texts, drinking, alcohol, funny memes, texting, booze, stupid people | where are left early Sorry couldn't stay longer wtf where are going going home are kidding come back drunk don't worry called an uber drank at place Oh Where am going | PresidentPrince @Princegeee_ My girl is drunk woke up 12 missed calls and texts saying she's crying so obviously mad worried so called her make sure everything straight she's crying cos her friend took bite her burger Muyi @kingmxyi 19h ok everyone

Amusing Moments of Alcohol-Related Stupidity

Remember to drink responsibly.
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Funny political compass about beer brands

Beer Drinkers Discuss Viral Beer Brand Socio-Political Compass

People take beer pretty seriously. Even the brokest of beer lovers are bound to have their own brand preference, and it's usually one they will fight to the death to defend. While many of these happen to be regional, there are some nationwide giants that people can't do without. There are also plenty of stereotypes about beer brands and what they say about the people who drink them. I, for one, know that if you're drinking a bougie and impeccably designed matte can of beer from a Brooklyn brewe…
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