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Guy Rates The Emergency Alarm Sounds For Different Countries, With Unexpectedly Entertaining Results

Where’s the Italy club remix?
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The Saddest Song of Them All

Via It's The Tie

So That's What Happiness Is

alarms happiness sick truth web comics - 8325910272
Via Lingvistov

Just... Five... More... Minutes!

alarms waking up phones sleeping - 8168148736

A Sad Truth About Humanity

kids sad but true alarms web comics - 8126117120
Via Minimumble

Good Morning

alarms bad luck web comics - 8113534208
By _Elizabeth_ (Via 4 Panel Life)

Best Alarm Clock Ever

puppies alarms web comics - 7997554944
By Origami_Heart

You Can't Stop Me from Snoozing

alarms - 8005902592
By Unknown

A Few Good Minutes

alarms sleep snooze - 7963944192
By Unknown

You Don't Want to Miss Out on Enough Sleep

wake up alarms funny web comics - 7882853376
Via Eel Hips

Just Get it Over With!

Arnold Schwarzenegger alarms - 7765630976
By Unknown

I Swear That Alarm is Going to Go Off

socially awkward penguin shopping Memes alarms - 7645727744
By Unknown

Well Just Think About Poor Greedo, He's Dead Tired

star wars sleep alarms stormtrooper funny - 7642856192
Via Right Shift

The Most Annoying Alarm Ever

annoying smiles alarms - 7572382976
By Unknown

What Time is It?!

alarms - 7232203264
By Unknown