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A Dose of Over-Caffeinated Memes for Sleepy Insomniacs Who Have Unlocked Infinite Eye Bags

POV: You're watching two guys build a pool in the middle of the jungle at 3am.
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Sleep Memes for Restless Slumberers

Sleep is one of those fundamental human functions that just hits the spot. Feeling grumpy and sluggish? Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Take a nap or something. Quality of life is largely dependent on just how long and how well you sleep, so do it right. Personally, I’m not a great sleeper. It takes me an eternity to finally fall asleep. Even then, I’m up like two or three times throughout the night. And it makes me an unbearable person. But maybe you’re one of the lucky few who h…
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Petty Neighbor Takes Revenge On Noisy Fireworks And The Internet Is Here For It

Fighting fire with fire.
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Guy Rates The Emergency Alarm Sounds For Different Countries, With Unexpectedly Entertaining Results

Where’s the Italy club remix?
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Mornings Can Get Effed

Funny meme that reads, "All this and I still won't wake up on time" above a photo of a smart phone with a ton of alarms set
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Funny meme of a girlfriend asking boyfriend who alarm is and why they're texting every day at 7am.
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Literally Every Morning

Pic of a guy looking at a clock that reads "6:00am" above a pic of the guy closing his eyes, above a pic of the guy opening his eyes again and the clock reading "8:20am"
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Every Damn Day

Funny meme about art
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Damn Straight

Caption that reads, "If I wake up at 8:27 and my alarm was set for 8:30 you can bet 100% imma close my eyes and go back to sleep for those three minutes"
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"Trying to get out of bed like: 1.) Try again; 2.) Help; 3.) Cancel"
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Hopefully You Don't Have Roommates

Funny meme about setting alarm for every five minutes in the morning.
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My Body Isn't Ready

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I Call That Last One 'Do I Really Need This Job?'

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Don't Snooze On This Alarm Clock, It Will Slap You Awake

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When U Gurl is 2 Jelly


Poor Man's Timer

alarm cooking fire Pie Chart timer - 4326816256
Created by Åsum
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