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TikToker Reveals the Unspoken Scale for How Intoxicated You're Allowed to be at Life Events

How drunk can I get when I meet my significant other's parents?
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Airplane Baby Discourse, Money Grabbing CEOS, and a Graveyard of Twitter Blue Ticks

Also, elitist nerds think their genetics are better than yours.
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Rowdy Airline Passenger Throws Tantrum Because of Crying Baby, Gets Arrested

There are very few places where adults are punished for acting a fool . You can't scream and yell at work or the airport. That's it. Technically, you can, but it can have incredibly dire consequences for your life. Everywhere else, yelling at people because you're mildly irritated is not only common but often condoned. When somebody yells about their food at a restaurant, said restaurant is likely to comp their order, thereby validating the bad behavior. Constant adult temper tantrums can ruin…
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'I found excuses to upgrade four other passengers': Airline Worker Told to Upgrade Douchey Frequent Flyer Only 'If There Is Room'

Wholesome malicious compliance
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Twitter discourse about a dude who finds it weird that a guy wouldn't want to switch out of the middle seat

Dude Offers Guy Middle Seat On The Plane, Twitter Users Call Him "Entitled"

If there's one thing I hate about Twitter, it's the people who use it . I'm not saying this to be a hater. Still, longtime Twitter users like myself will recognize a type of defensive rhetoric unique to Twitter users that makes the experience of using the bird app kind of miserable. They will always assume the worst about a situation and respond accordingly. They act like everyone is the enemy who needs to get told off by their righteous army. I don't know why Twitter is like this, but if I had…
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Racist Karen Gets Roasted for Sending Rude Email About Women Sat Next to Her on a Flight

Subtle as a brick
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A compilation of memes about flying, airports, and airlines

Airport Memes For Those Dealing With The Misfortune of Flying Home For The Holidays

I love going to the airport. I know I'm in the minority, but there's something so relaxing about going through security, finding my gate, getting a little snack, walking around the terminal, and finally getting on an airplane. I don't have any flying anxiety because if the plane crashes, there is nothing I can do about it. Of all the ways to die, death by flying machine is definitely in my top 3. Unfortunately, most people do not enjoy flying as much as I do, and I understand why! Airports are…
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A compilation of memes about pilots, aviation, flying, planes, airlines, and flight school.

Pilot Memes For Aviation Experts

Very few of us know what it's like to control a giant metal tube flying through the sky at incredible heights and lengths. That is probably for the best, seeing how most people behave on planes. I'm no exception to this rule! After having heard it too many times, I can barely stay awake to listen to the pre-flight safety announcement. At least I'm not someone who takes my shoes off on the plane. Starting your career as a pilot isn't always glamorous. You might begin flying corpses across the co…
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Travel Fails and Memes for Those Whos Mental Health Depends on Vacation

Travel Fails and Memes for Those Whose Mental Health Depends on Vacation

The best form of therapy
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Airplane Passengers Have Bizarre Flight Experience That Nobody Can Explain

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People Debate Whether Babies Should Be Allowed On Planes

Nothing more awkward
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Southwest Airlines Catches Flak for Impromptu Passenger Ukulele Lesson

Welcome to hell
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Story about dogs, diarrhea, airplane

Dog With Diarrhea Wreaks Havoc on Plane, Inspires Debate On Letting Animals into the Main Cabin

Taking an animal on a plane isn't easy. I know countless people who have opted instead to drive very long distances with their pet to avoid a) their pet's discomfort and possible death, and b) that hefty airline fee. Animals are cargo that is too precious for many people to take any risks with. The friends that do take their pets have had to pay exorbitant vet fees, had to drug their cats and dogs with Gabapentin, and sit in their seats hoping the critter doesn't make too much noise or use the…
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Article about the twitter discourse surrounding Taylor Swift's excessive private jet usage.

Taylor Swift's High Levels Of Private Jet Emissions Sparks Controversy And Memes

Stars, they're just like us? While we're wasting away in the middle seat of seat 45P on Frontier Airlines, the more environmentally conscious (or less wealthy) celebrities live it up in first class . However, some famous people take it a step further, buying their own private jets. While that lifestyle choice might seem glamourous on the surface, the effects it has on the environment can lead to major backlash.
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Twitter Users Speculate Over Intriguingly Named "Mystery Flight"

Where will it go?
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Disgruntled Flyer Rails Against Unbelievable Suitcase Damage, Jokes Ensue

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