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30+ Military Memes For Veterans and Active Duty Military Alike

This We'll Defend
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chinese spy balloon china spying balloons weather military america american air force missile news classic typical fail

Best Chinese Spy Balloon Memes for the American Military to Shoot Down With a Missile Next

They're definitely going to make a bad action movie out of this next year...
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A compilation of memes about pilots, aviation, flying, planes, airlines, and flight school.

Pilot Memes For Aviation Experts

Very few of us know what it's like to control a giant metal tube flying through the sky at incredible heights and lengths. That is probably for the best, seeing how most people behave on planes. I'm no exception to this rule! After having heard it too many times, I can barely stay awake to listen to the pre-flight safety announcement. At least I'm not someone who takes my shoes off on the plane. Starting your career as a pilot isn't always glamorous. You might begin flying corpses across the co…
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A compilation of memes about the military and serving in the military

Military Memes to Celebrate Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! November 11th is the day when we celebrate the men and women who have served The United States with the utmost grace and dignity. When I was in middle school, I played the songs of the branches of the military in the school band during the annual Veterans Day assembly. We played Semper Paratus, Semper Supra, Anchors Aweigh, Marines' Hymn, The Army Goes Rolling Along, and The U.S. Air Force. All of the veterans in the crowd would stand during their branches section. I mention…
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Tom Cruise top gun nostalgia top-gun-maverick funny memes goose Memes pilot lol top-gun-2 Maverick 80s nostalgia flying 1980s air force - 17736453

Top Tier 'Top Gun' Memes That Will Give You The Need, The Need for Speed

Maverick's in theater's now, but 'Top Gun' has been producing top tier memes since the invention of the Internet.
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Funny memes about being in the armed forces, military, navy, air force | tom cruise in top gun movie playing volleyball shirtless vs guys from revenge of the nerds: Officers movies Officers real life. baby yoda: get pulled over and give officer military ID hoping will get out ticket

27 Military Memes For Privates And Staff Sergeants Alike

Basic training sucks, these memes don't.
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Funny memes about "Storm Area 51" Facebook group

'Storm Area 51' Is The Internet's 'Brainiest' New Idea

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This Week, On History Channel

Funny meme about aliens and air force pilots.
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It's Revolutionizing the Industry


Drenched in 3... 2... 1...

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The Military-Style Ice Bucket Challenge

military soldiers ice bucket challenge air force - 8296254720

In Case You Were Planning on Messing With Us...

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Star Wars IRL

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That's the Sound of Justice

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