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People Contemplate How Wind Works in Comically Innocuous Thread

Wind. How does it work? It's the sort of question that makes you scoff at first—'of course I know what wind is!' But then after a few moments of trying to formulate the definition in your mind, you start to second guess yourself. 'It definitely has something to do with the sun. And pressure. It's air, but like, moving.' When I saw @zachsilberberg's tweet admitting he doesn't totally understand what wind is, I had to take a moment to channel my inner second grader and remember all those cartoony
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Show Some Respect

Funny meme about biology, plants that create oxygen, trees get all the attention, plankton, microphones, science memes
Via u/bluewhaleocean

Those Were The Days

funny meme about the air in chip bags, bag that is filled to the brim with doritos
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4 Elements

chips potato chips elements water fire air earth - 7500371712
Created by Unknown


air blow hilarious - 4450705920
See all captions Created by fareon

Gotta Keep My Tongue Out To Taste The Air

dogs gifs tongues air - 8524372992
Created by Unknown

Le Air Stream

air fan me gusta Rage Comics - 6347113472
Created by jimmyg100

So That's Why He Fell

mindwarp gifs basketball blowing football pranks air - 8416955648
Created by Unknown

Blood Donors Are Getting Sucked Dry!

wtf gifs sad but true inflatable air - 8290881024
Created by ToolBee

Breathe in the Savings

chips air funny - 8284703744
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bottle water air funny - 7772464896
Created by oakfarm

People These Days...

water fire grass oh god why air earth - 7607862016
Created by epicpotatoguy

So How Does Pringles Do It?

chips Actual Advice Mallard air - 7557337088
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The Invention That Made Me Convenient

umbrella people air - 3060336384
Created by TornadoTexan

President Skroob is Not Amused

China current events air - 7019086080
Created by Calvin Owens


wtf air bender air - 4382296832
Created by Anonymous
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