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A Bunch of AI Art That Is as Funny as It Is Weird

Imagination gone wild
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AI-Generated Movie Posters Turn Classic Flicks Into Weird Memes

By now, everyone's seen some of the hilariously cursed images generated through OpenAI's infamous AI system, DALL-E. Memelords and regular internet users alike have had a hell of a time testing the system's limits and possibilities, and we've gotten some pretty dank memes out of it. One redditor recently posted a series of fake movie posters that look like DALL-E vomited its closest approximations to some of Hollywood's most famous titles. While most of these are pretty obvious, we've included…
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Student Sparks Debate by Revealing That They Use AI to Write Essays

Never learn again
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An article about a TikToker who jokingly convinced his fans he was an AI deepfake the whole time, only to come clean that it was a joke.

TikToker Convinces Fans He's Actually an AI Deepfake Illusion

The lines between reality and fiction are becoming more blurred as newfangled technology rears its head. I remember when deepfakes first came out, and seeing merely experimental videos utilizing that technology was frightening. Deepfakes essentially marked the beginning of an era of the internet where we knew that anyone, anything they said, and anything they did could be completely manufactured and fake. It was only a matter of time before deepfake or fully virtual celebrities emerged. The mos…
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Bizarre And Amusing AI Greentexts That Could Pass For The Real Thing

>be robot
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A Load More DALL-E Mini Memes Because The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Them

They're everywhere
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DALL-E Is Making Crazed AI-Generated Art Pieces That Speak Volumes About The People Behind Them

Welcome to uncanny valley
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Woman Not 100% Convinced She Exists Following TikTok Filter Mishap

How hard can it be to find a face?
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'New' Nirvana Song Written & Recorded By AI Software

This music does not exist
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The Surreal Saga Of 'Darla,' The Fake Anti-Union Amazon Warrior

Now that's what I call deepfake
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Where Are Our Flying Cars??

Funny meme about how in the 90s people predicted that AI would rule the world, now it just fails and recognizes cats as dogs
Via u/TheAvalonn
Funny memes generated with artificial intelligence | distracted boyfriend MY FRIENDS WHO FORGET EARTH made with Al on | Hard swallow pills HOLY SHIT 54 543 made with Al on

Nonsensical AI-Generated Memes Are Straight-Up Gold

These are hysterical!
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Funny video of a guy who has created an AI version of himself for his work Zoom meetings

Dude Creates Creepy AI Version Of Himself To Get Out Of Zoom Meetings

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Funny story about a Harry Potter chapter that was created using predictive keyboards, Jamie Brew, Botnik studios, twitter.

A Bot Just Wrote A Chapter Of Harry Potter And It's An Absolute Masterpiece

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Sorry Little Fella

Tumblr post that reads, "All of science fiction: human beings will resent A.I. and robots will never trust them. Real human beings: I had to apologize to my Roomba for stepping on him today, I felt so bad, he cleaned my whole house and I just stomped on him"
Via CodyBurkett
Creepy cat pics from ThisCatDoesNotExist, AI generated cat pictures, funny, weird, cursed images.

'This Cat Does Not Exist' Is Creating Horrifying AI-Generated Nightmare Fuel

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