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Ancient Egypt Memes For Amateur Egyptologists Who Can Rattle Off King Tut Facts Like Nobodies Business

Dancin' by the Nile, ladies like his style, he ate a crocodile
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A Reddit Discussion about which social norms are weird in the United States but normal in the rest of the world.

People Share Things That are Weird in America, But Normal in the Rest of the World

The United States is a country that really likes to do things it's own way. I remember in elementary school we had a unit on measuring temperature, and my teacher showed us a map of countries that use Celsius vs countries that use Fahrenheit. The only countries that used Fahrenheit were the USA and Liberia. The US was like, “I'm going to commit to this measurement, even if my sole ally is a country with a population less than half the size of Ohio.” That's what I call standing your ground. It's…
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40+ History Memes for People Who Actually Studied

They'll make you feel a lot smarter than reality TV will.
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African movie posters that are hand painted due to licensing issues, space jam, mrs doubtfire, jurassic park, michael jackson | tweet by Retr0Joe thread African Movie Posters Due licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave task artists paint posters movies being shown Some artists had no reference movie they drawing so some just guessed Here are my favourites.. SPACE JAM MICHAEL JORDAN BUGS BUNNY badly drawn characters movie poster

Twitter Thread Reveals Bizarre Genius Of Painted African Movie Posters

Get ready for some epic masterpieces.
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Reddit users share common myths about their counties that are false, incorrect stereotypes

People Share Dumb Myths About Their Countries & Continents

Do better.
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Funny random and dank history memes, european history, ancient history, lol, comedy, humor, ancient history, ancient rome, ancient egypt, animals, cats, persia

35 History Memes For A Scholarly Scroll Session

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Funny video of the song 'Africa' by Toto being played on Tesla coils

'Africa' By Toto Played With Tesla Coils Is Weirdly Good

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Greatest Crossover Of All Time?

Funny meme about coronavirus and Ebola crossover bojack horseman | coronavirus arrives in Africa Ebola what is this a crossover episode
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Oh Hell Yeah

Funny meme about being single and drunk at a wedding when they play africa by Toto.
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Funny texts between Facebook scammer and a dude trolling them.

Dude Trolls Obvious Scammer In An Act Of Satisfying Heroics

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Funny dank history memes.

47 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

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Funny random memes.

26 Stupid Memes For Anyone Who's Not In Mensa

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It's True

Funny meme about white girls who do missionary trips, charity trips in africa, daenerys targaryen.
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F*cking Savage

Tweet that reads, "There is an outbreak of measles in the USA. Fellow Ugandans, one shilling a day could save these dying kids"
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Very Important Clarification

Caption that reads, "Yeah thanks for that, thought he'd be a f*cking Ford Fiesta" above a pic of Cecil the lion and a news story clarifying that his brother is also a lion
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This Is Getting Out Of Hand

Funny meme about africa by toto and hurricane florence.
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