Having A Great Time

Funny meme about how happy people look in pharmaceutical advertisements when death is one of the side effects
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Funny meme about how advertisements you see on tv don't make you want to buy stuff. jim halpert from the office showing signs | When your advertising interrupts my video... It just makes me hate your product
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Funny weird and offensive vintage advertisements | GIFT PERFECTION DROP DEAD CIGARETTE BOX Patent Pending man who is dying cigarette, this 34" x 1" x 12" completely metal, copper color coffin is true replica real thing Beware- friends will fall love with So-O-O buy several gifts. No others like Send $2.00 each prepaid DROP DEAD COFFIN | IF MEN HATE SIGHT YOUREAD THIS- LET'S BEAT HERE COMES SKINNY DAME MEN HATE SIGHT SO SKINNY GOING TRY IRONIZED YEAST GORGEOUS SINCE GAINED WEIGHT FEW WEEKS LATER

Vintage Ads That Range From Weird To Offensive

Some of these haven't aged well.
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Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin Peloton Wife advertisement, funny tweets

Ryan Reynolds Uses Peloton Wife For Hilarious Gin Ad

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Having A Great Time

Funny meme of Mark ruffalo, medicine commercial says this medicine may cause death, people in the ad
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Funny meme about youtube ads, yoda memes, there is another meme, star wars memes.
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Nothing Is Sacred

Funny meme about how pikachu memes are an advertising ploy for the movie detective pikachu.
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advertisements parody Video - 79630081

When You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead in a Store Brand Body Bag

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Hey Pepsi, Here's a Protip: Don't Do Protips

pepsi advertisements - 7896507904
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Anee ob U Guis Need a Lowyer?


Activists in the UK Replaced Bus Stop Advertisements With Ones That Were a Little More Hardhitting


Actually I Think That's the Definition of "Guilty"

billboards Lawyers advertisements - 8433385216

She Has a Point...

billboards Lawyers advertisements - 8139415040

All Tied Up With Kids?

advertisements vasectomy - 8333846784

Protect Our Country So You Can Get Discounts on Cheap Crap!

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Advertising at Its Falsest

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