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Oh God, Oh No

Caption that reads, "That horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult for help but then realize you're an adult" above a pic of Spongebob in the fetal position
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It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "Used to sneak out my house to go to parties, now I sneak out of parties to go to my house"
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Being An Adult Is A Ripoff

"My fondest childhood memory is not having to spend 40 hours a week with people who make me feel angry and tired so that I can afford to buy paper towels and laundry detergent"
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Yeah, Really Weird!

Tweet that reads, "What is that you're having for lunch? Fruit salad. That's funny, it looks like a sangria. Huh, weird"
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Sign Me Up, Demons!

1,000 year-old demon: "I wish I had a body to posses;" Me: a tired MF who would love nothing more than to be run on autopilot

Do These 'Real Adults' Even Exist...?

"I know that real adults do multiple loads of laundry for different colored clothes but I've been putting all my clothes in at the same time and I'm just saying nothing bad has happened yet"
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Tweet about 18-21 being a confusing age because of different life stages everyone is in
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It's All Downhill From There

Photo of a kid crying because he doesn't get the free ice cream with the adult meal
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