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15+ Memes For Geriatric Millennials

It's true that there are some benefits to getting older. You are your own master. That means you can eat fried chicken for breakfast if you want to, or chocolate cake for dinner. You can go out with friends without having to answer to anyone. Gaming? Nobody cares if you sit at your PC for 10 hours eating only Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew.  

Unfortunately there are also some pretty shitty aspects of aging. That metabolism isn't getting any faster. That fried chicken breakfast and cake dinner are starting to show up in some weird places. Going to work, paying bills and rent sucks balls. And then there's the hangovers. The worst part, however, is feeling absolutely geriatric when young people talk about TikTok or new music that sounds alien to aging ears. Or, ya know, having the tunes you listened to in high school referred to as "oldies." While we may not be on death's door, it sure is starting to feel like we should be investing in a coffin or a funeral plot. We're not alone in this plight. There are loads of memes about the pains of realizing you're getting old. We've put a sadly relatable collection together. Here's hoping you don't feel so ancient that you can't appreciate them.

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