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'If they don't like our lifestyle they can leave': Six figure-earners never cook at home, receive lecture from overbearing parents

Don't hate me cause you ain't me
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Parents forget their daughter's 33rd birthday, get angry when her boyfriend wishes her 'Happy Birthday' online: 'Not saying anything and then posting about it was passive aggressive'

You snooze, you lose
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'What did I do to deserve a fat kid?': Former children share insults their parents said that still stick with them

That stuff hurts
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Dad forces 18-year-old son to pay rent or get out, allows 22 year old unemployed son to live with him rent free: 'I'm getting punished for my brothers actions'

It's not fair
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Omg Make Up Your Mind

Funny meme about parents either thinking you're too young to do something or too old
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Funny and cringey text messages from parents

28 Times Parents Brought Critical Levels Of Cringe In Text-Message Form

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19 Times Moms Texted The Darnedest Crap To Their Embarrassed Offspring

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'Fiiiine, Mom'

Tweet that reads, "What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child?" Someone replies, "Once I'm 18 my mom won't be able to tell me I can and can't do anymore"
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