Funny and bizarre ads from the e-commerce website 'Wish'

Times 'Wish' Advertised Some Bizarre Sh*t

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Absolute Genius Marketing

Funny tweet from Marlboro stating that every cigarette you smoke will take off some of the student debt you owe
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This Is Getting Real Creepy

Caption that reads, "When ads start popping up for stuff I've only thought about inside my head" above a pic of Michelle from Full House pointing out guns
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What Is This Dystopian Nightmare

Tweet that reads, "1.) I don't like this ad; 2.) Why am I seeing this ad? 3.) [Checked off] This ad overheard my conversations"
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Really Good Point

Tweet that reads, "Hey YouTube, maybe don't put ads before first-aid vids? I don't have time to watch a Red Lobster ad when my gran is choking on a fish bone"
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fake products obvious plant

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It's Really Demanding Too

Tumblr post where someone asks how they can uninstall their period; someone replies, "I think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying loud pop-up that doesn't go away for 18 years"
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Very Rare These Days

Craigslist advertisement for a car where the headline reads, "Rare, never vaped in"
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perfect ad placement makes all the difference

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Aww, Thanks Wikipedia!

Drake meme where the top panel represents Wikipedia and "Using ads" and the second panel represents Wikipedia and "Respectfully ask its users to donate money in order to keep the site running without ads"
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Uhh, Yeah I'll Pass

Headline that reads, "Your cable company doesn't want you to know this trick" above a weird pick of a woman climbing up some cable lines; someone on Twitter comments, "You know what? I don't want to know that trick either"
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cover image of Photoshop fails with a guitar and women at a club

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They're Listening

Funny meme about advertisers listening to us, the office, dwight schrute, angela.
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odd marketing strategies

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Get Outta Here Amazon!!

"When you look something up on Amazon and suddenly it shows up as an ad on every app"
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