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Obnoxiously Cute Dog Memes For Those Who Can Handle Them

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24 Dopey Dogs Who Failed Adorably At What They Were Bred For

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13 Hysterical 'Thoughts Of Dog' Tweets That'll Just Make Sense To Any Dog Parent

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Who, Me?

Picture of an Australian Shepherd who dug a whole under a fence with the caption, "When you get caught doing something stupid and you try to cute your way out of it"
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Snack Time!!!

Pic of a whole bunch of golden retrievers looking inside a pet store where there are a bunch of kittens
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Comic about a girl who saw a really cute dog and starts crying about it; her boyfriend sees it too and they both start crying
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Time To Start Being A Better Person

Pic of a fluffy Samoyed saying hello at a gate with the caption, "If heaven exists then this is what you see at its gates"
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