Adorable Animal

A compilation of memes featuring racoons.

Raccoon Memes For Garbage Lovers

Raccoons have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Their diet of trash and resistance toward domestication makes them hard to love for many people. However, not everyone is a hater. Some of us developed our love for raccoons through their brief yet impactful appearances in the movies. Pocahontas's bestie Meeko was stellar representation of a sweet and loyal raccoon. In the cult-classic documentary Grey Gardens, Little Edie feeds the raccoon living in her attic two bags of Wonder Bread, refus…
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Don't Underestimate My Muscles!!

Pic of a cute baby penguin appearing to flex its muscles under the caption, "When you open the spaghetti sauce jar on your first try"
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Well Let Me Tell Ya!

Picture of a black guy looking enthusiastic about giving a speech under the caption, "Me when I get an opportunity to talk about my pet"
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Nailed It

Pic of a girl leading a guy through a field, followed by a pic of someone holding their cat's leg in a similar manner
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cat memes

22 Pawsome Cat Memes And Pics For Your Caturday Enjoyment

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Comic about a girl who saw a really cute dog and starts crying about it; her boyfriend sees it too and they both start crying
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