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25+ Pet Names So Bizarre They Are Sublime

Peak creativity.
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Got Her

Funny meme about sister dissing brother, teasing about being adopted, brother says at least they wanted me
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Tumblr thread explains scandal of Flordelis murder, hitman, cult, evangelism, brazilian politics | this is Flordelis. She's brazilian gospel singer, congresswoman, and as just found out this week, murderer and cult leader. She became relatively famous 90s by creating this image saintly, evangelical woman around her. She had 3 biological children and had adopted 5 teenagers (one them is Anderson do Carmo, who would go on become an evangelical pastor, keep mind Those are her Kids. Why Kids“?

Tumblr Thread Explains Brazilian Political Scandal Involving Evangelist Cults And Murder

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Gee, Thanks...

Funny meme about people picking Stuart Little over a human child at the orphanage
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22 Adoptable Cats That Have The Stupidest Names Imaginable

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Burned By Dad

Text conversation where kid asks dad if they were adopted, dad replies, "No, why the f*ck would I pick you?"
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Really Makes You Think

Funny meme that poses the question of how it would feel if you were up for adoption but someone chose Stuart Little, a mouse, over you.
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Typical Way to Get a Cat

cats adoption web comics Typical Way to Get a Cat
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I'm Not Racist, But

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adoption boobs guidos Hall of Fame oompa loompa real life snooki Terrifying - 3854087936
By Reid

A Father's Care

dads adoption basketball web comics - 8418045696
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Stop Doing Crack

adoption kids parenting web comics - 8295116288
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Family Life Can Make Us All a Little Cuckoo

nature adoption birds family web comics - 8225816576
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adoption puppies Video - 60162305

By Watching This Video, You Give Money Directly to Dog Adoption Funding in New Zealand

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No One Likes to Give This Talk

Sad adoption chicken puppy - 2968942336
By scorvos

He Will Obey My Law!

adoption dogs king - 6566302976
By willshale (Via buttersafe)
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