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Say What You Will About This Administration, But I'm Glad That There's Mon Calamari Representation

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You're on Your Own

its a trap star wars admiral ackbar - 8398757376

It's a Cap(uccino)!

Knitta Please its a trap admiral ackbar DIY - 8152381952
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"Their Trabul Ajuncies Gan't Repel Radings ob That Magnatoob!"

its a trap star wars admiral ackbar - 8125907456

If Only You Could Read!

admiral ackbar deer its a trap - 7990849280

She Almost Got Me

admiral ackbar its a trap new years resolutions - 7979356160

Never Fall for This Trap

admiral ackbar dating its a trap relationships - 7961789440
Created by Tim

Listen to the Admiral

marriage star wars trap admiral ackbar funny - 7607812608

What Kinds of Snacks Do You Think They Sell?

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Can't Tell if Trap

its a trap puns admiral ackbar - 7387724032
Created by PrincessWordplay

He's Made it Into a Franchise

star wars admiral ackbar - 7354971392

Love Trap

its a trap moms admiral ackbar parenting - 7173323264
Created by Kboc39

Potato Totally Looks Like Admiral Ackbar

gifs admiral ackbar totally looks like - 7147410688
Created by KingTurkish

Ohhhhhh No, I Ain't Fallin' for That One Again!

its a trap admiral ackbar - 7101692928

It's a Trap!

trap admiral ackbar double meaning - 7023231744
Created by xyzpdq1


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