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Funny memes about having ADHD

Memes and Tweets That Capture the Humor and Hard Truths of Living With ADHD

It seems as though an increasing number of adults in the United States are recognizing that their struggles with focus, task completion, and interpersonal interactions may have been caused by ADHD . Everyone gets sidetracked occasionally, especially when the internet relentlessly attacks your attention span, but attention deficit and hyperactivity can be totally crippling on a completely different level. It's definitely made me feel like a worse conversationalist and a less productive human. An…
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Relatable memes about ADHD

Relatable Memes and Tweets For People With ADHD

For the longest time I thought I was just a lazy and depressed sack of sh*t. However, after many appointments with mental health professionals, it turns out these things are just symptoms of a more significant problem: the ol' ADHD. Attention deficit disorder seems to be diagnosed more frequently of late. Though I'm sure some of the cases exist so people can procure uppers, I'm thrilled that my doctor was able to help me get a diagnosis and the medication that makes me feel like a normal person…
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The Best ADHD Memes for Professional Procrastinators

It feels like more and more adults are realizing that ADHD might be the real reason they spent years of struggling to focus, complete tasks, and maintain relationships. Everyone gets distracted sometimes, especially when the internet is pummeling your attention span on a daily basis, but attention deficit and hyperactivity is debilitating on a whole other level. Whether you struggle with ADHD or know someone who does, you'll likely appreciate these relatable memes that paint a picture of what l…
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A Treasure Trove of ADHD Memes & Tweets That Hit Close to Home

It feels like more and more people who are well into adulthood are realizing that ADHD might be the real reason they spent years of struggling to focus, maintain hobbies, or even succeed at having relationships. Hell, it took 31 years for me to get diagnosed because I have ADHD and depression . Newsflash: ADHD isn't just being hyperactive or daydreaming and getting distracted. It's a bit more complex than that. The truth is that everyone gets sidetracked occasionally, especially with how brutal…
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20+ Relatable ADHD Memes for People Who Forgot What They Were Doing

If you've ever zoned out of an entire conversation because the floral pattern on your friend's shirt reminded you of the time you forgot to send your grandma flowers for her birthday even though you'd set up multiple reminders for yourself, so instead you spent hours searching for singing Elvis-themed telegram services online (since your grandma loves Elvis so much), which somehow lead you deep into a rabbit hole of YouTube video after YouTube video featuring terrible performances by various El…
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50+ Moody Memes & Relatable Things Because Life Is Pain

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relatable memes, funny memes, adhd memes, adhd, mental health memes, funny, memes | Finishing projects Abandoning projects Starting new project before finishing Continuously coming up with new ideas without doing anything galaxy brain | time management have ADHD: Okay, shouldn't take long. Between an hour and, um, 11 months.

23 Relatable ADHD Memes For Hyperactive Brains

Memes to hyper-focus on
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adhd, add, hyperactive, mental health, distraction, forgetful, relatable memes, attention span, adhd memes, mental health memes, twitter memes, funny tweets, relatable tweets, memes, funny, lol | mitski @mitskileaks adhd complete and sudden obsession complete and sudden disinterest light switch | Roxi Horror O roxiqt Having ADHD is cool because 's like, alright going sit down, focus and write tweet but first need get cup coffee kitchen but my favorite mug is actually bedroom on bookshelf should

26 ADHD Memes & Tweets For Hyperactive Brains

Distracting memes about distraction
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