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MythBusters' Adam Savage Puts Iron Man's Bulletproof Vest To The Test

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Seafood Restaurant Roasts PETA To A Smoldering Crisp In Twitter Tirade

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F*cking Savage

Tweet that reads, "There is an outbreak of measles in the USA. Fellow Ugandans, one shilling a day could save these dying kids"
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30+ Toasty Times Wendy's Brought The Heat

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Funny patrick star memes, dank memes, evil urges, evil pleasures, savage patrick.

16 Savage Patrick Memes That Hilariously Reflect Our Most Evil Pleasures

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Adam Savage On the Joys of Cosplaying

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Remember Duck Army? Adam Savage is Still on About It

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Behold: the "Duck Bomb"

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God Save Us All, Adam Savage Has Discovered the Duck Army

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Adam Bomb!

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Jonathan Taplin Totally Looks Like Adam Savage

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Ball Park Franks Commercial Totally Looks Like Adam Savage

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Adam Savage Totally Looks Like Dave King (Flogging Molly)

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Sunday Bunday: Savage Stare

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Government For The People...

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