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Not Even Water

funny memes dont drink or drive paranoid parrot actual advice mallard
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This Call May Be Monitored for Nefarious Purposes

Actual Advice Mallard phone call scam - 8606221312
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This Tip Might Save Your Life One Day


Solid Life Advice


You Really Think I WANT to Be Here?


A Practical Reminder for All of You


More People Would Be Wise to Remember This

Actual Advice Mallard - 8403764224

"Market Fluctuations"

Actual Advice Mallard grades craigslist video games school PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8329411328

Laziness Pays

Actual Advice Mallard foul bachelor frog - 8241407232

A Simple Bit of Browser Advice

browsers Actual Advice Mallard google chrome mozilla firefox - 8233056000

Sound Advice From the Duck

Actual Advice Mallard relationships - 8219433728

Oh No! Now Go Back to Tumblr...

Actual Advice Mallard - 8169710848

Something Most of Us Should Remember

Actual Advice Mallard money - 8159880448

"Wait... So Your Actual Name is Peter Pan?"

Actual Advice Mallard names - 8158202880

To All Teenagers Out There

Actual Advice Mallard condoms teenagers - 8143860992
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