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Impressionist Impresses With Eerie Deepfake Impersonations

And a poem too
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Idris Elba Gets Roasted For Rejecting Daughter as Co-Star in New Movie "Beast"

An L for nepotism
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Hammy 'Doctor Strange' Extra Steals The Show, According To Twitter

She is the moment
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Robert Pattinson Memes To Celebrate The Most Memeable Batman’s Birthday

An internet icon
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Nicolas Cage Delights The Internet With Candid AMA

Peak nostalgia
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Willem Dafoe Memes That Celebrate An Underrated Internet Icon

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The Best Memes About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock on Stage at the 2022 Oscars

Last night, Will Smith smacked the hell out of Chris Rock on stage at 94th Academy Awards, and no it was not scripted. Rock, who was the host of this year's Oscars, made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith Completely stunned, Rock paused to process what happened for a moment and then says, “that was the greatest night in the history of television.” He could be right, as the entire internet cannot stop talking about the incident on every social media platform.
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Matthew Lillard, from Scream and Scooby-Doo, becomes a Dungeons and Dragons influencer on TikTok

Matthew Lillard, the 'Scream' and 'Scooby-Doo' Star, Has Become a D&D Influencer on TikTok

Imagine Shaggy as your dungeon master.
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Funny Twitter thread that claims that the 'Golden Girls' were part of some sort of gang or crime ring | michaelharriot @michaelharriot BLACKAF This might be most controversial thing l ever tweeted but 's time America faces truth about group beloved historical figures, so here goes: Blanche, Dorothy, Rose Sophia- Golden Girls- were actually members an organized crime syndicate thread: 1:16 AM Jun 26, 2020 Twitter iPhone

Twitter Thread Argues That 'The Golden Girls' Were Actually Part Of An Organized Crime Ring

Well, we definitely never considered this theory.
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All the Best Memes of Chris Meloni Looking Like a Chad Watermelon

Wouldn't mind being a member of his elite squad
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Cool interview with Silvia Bottini, the face behind the first world problems meme, classic memes, know your meme

"First World Problems" Model Speaks Out on Becoming a Meme

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Funny memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts about Danny DeVito | tweet by DannyDeVito sending pictures my magnum dong anyone who donates at least $10 one fundraisers wildfires Australia BREAKING NEWS WILDFIRE LEVELS DROP 0%. Danny DeVito always looks like he's at pot luck dinner and he just saw try his lemon meringue pie.

Danny DeVito Memes That Are Pretty Stupid, To Be Frank

Get it? To be...Frank?
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Hell Yes

Funny meme featuring Leonardo DiCaprio about stressed out parents trying to use E-learning vs. people without kids
Via arttheclown
Funny dank memes entitled, "Joker Listening To Todd Phillips" | Shitheadsteve @shitheadsteve_ My friend trying convince Red Lobster manager let us stay after tried liberate lobsters On se Drink good beer. Do not lean | On sea life. Drink good beer. Anti-mask people complaining they can't breathe Do not lean on c People with asthma who can't breathe normally @memebase

'Joker Listening To Todd Phillips' Is The Latest Dank DC Meme

The Joker memes will never die.
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Thanks I Hate It

Funny tweet from Macaulay Culkin that reads, "Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're welcome"
Via anlyin
Funny memes about the Netflix TV show 'The Umbrella Academy' | Don't y'all just love Umbrella Academy ADELE RUMOUR HAS Go Diego ghost Number 5 violinist on fire | Klaus and Diego whenever they try come up with plan together PRIVATE Hold sideways, and use my head like battering ram. Always sunny in Philadelphia Dennis and Charlie

Twenty-Eight 'Umbrella Academy' Memes For The Fans Who Can't Get Enough

Sooo, third season?
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