Funny memes featuring the stars of action movies, action heroes, chuck norris, sylvester stallone, arnold schwarzenegger, sylvester stallone | at 2 .m. drunkenly entranced by slow spinning Hot Pocket microwave @snackytuna | l'd like have sexual intercourse, please My girl, still mad didn't do dishes even though said would bread loafington NO CHANCE

40+ Action Hero Memes Packed With Testosterone

Hasta la vista, baby.
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dancing Movie action bollywood funny - 50888193

Bollywood in a Nutshell.

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Putting Their Lives on the Line to Protect Your Lawn

action guns lawn gnomes - 6612960512
Via Prickly Legs

Slashed Tires

action double meaning guns n roses Hall of Fame literalism slash symbol tires - 6164600576

Play ALL the Roles!

action comic Hall of Fame text types variety - 6079094272
By Unknown

It's Very Convenient That the Boulders Are Always Perfectly Round too

action Indiana Jones movies Pie Chart - 5924811520
By phelpysan

Mine Actually Contains a Pen, and an Old Sandwhich

action explosions guns movies Pie Chart - 5898344192
By BasementCatsAdvocate

Queen Takes Bishop

action character chess double meaning Hall of Fame literalism move name queen - 5701285632
Via My Confined Space

The Cheezburger Network: Action / Reaction

action memebase Rage Comics reaction websites - 5447983360
By frmjewduhh

Philosoraptor: Plays Over Poetry

action idioms pen philosoraptor speak sword swords words - 5323693824
See all captions By Unknown

Action Cake!

action cake fire wedding wtf - 5063955456
By -Ghost-

Plot Is For...Real Films

action Michael Bay movies Pie Chart - 4970454016
By cdm1138


action christopher walken flying literalism sitting surname walking - 4871358208
By Unknown

Goodbyes Are Tender, Poignant Moments

action Bar Graph movies - 4745932544
By koaieus


action afraid csi david caruso homophones knot Movie not pun trick - 4658338816
By Unknown


action hospital movies old men Pie Chart - 4073821440
By WoodPaper
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