Funny video exploring Danny Devito's best offscreen moments

4 Times Danny Devito Was A Legend Behind The Scenes | CanonBall 4

Here at Memebase we're very open about our intense love for actor and comedian Danny DeVito . The portly Italian has graced our screens for over forty years, and from Taxi to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia , we've loved it all. But being awesome on-screen isn't all the man's good for. In fact, some of his offscreen stunts, both wholesome and funny, probably trump some of those roles. In this video, our friends from Cracked take a closer look at these hilarious and heartwarming moments.
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Hammy 'Doctor Strange' Extra Steals The Show, According To Twitter

She is the moment
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Funny video about characters getting typecast, scarlett johansson, ryan reynolds, bruce willis

5 Famous Actors That Keep Landing Weirdly Specific Roles

Playing the same kind of character isn't relegated to “that guys” like Luis Guzman. Sometimes even the most famous actors like Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds get typecast. Not as just as hotties with naughty bodies, but as, like, creatures trying to evolve into new lifeforms and stuff. "Doctor" Jordan Breeding and Your Brain On Cracked return to diagnose these disturbing trends. Bonus? There's loads of Mads Mikkelsen in this vide.
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Funny video sketch of a guy voice-acting for an anime TV show

Hilarious Sketch Shows What Anime Voice Acting Must Be Like

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Funny GIF memes featuring John Cena looking confused wwe wwf pro wrestling | just-shower-thoughts "Queue" is just "Q" followed by 4 silent letters. n--blue-box | Boomers realizing COVID-19 wasn't caused by video games

'Confused John Cena' Makes For An Excellent New Dank Meme

Gotta love the acting in pro wrestling!
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Funny video of Ryan Gosling 'refusing' a soundcheck in a scene of The Notebook

Ryan Gosling Refuses Soundcheck In A Scene From 'The Notebook'

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Funny audition video where Bill Hader acts poorly on purpose

Bill Hader's Acting Is Atrocious In This Hysterical Audition

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Hilarious dramatic stock photo memes

14 Stock Photo Memes That'll Put A Big Fake Smile On Your Face

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This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

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Video of several Disney channel stars attempting to draw the mouse ears for commercials

Disney Channel Stars Attempting To Draw The Mouse Ears Is The Cringiest Thing You'll See Today

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For All The Customer Service Peeps

Caption that reads, "When there's a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you're at work" above a pic of a little dog with a fake-looking smile on its face
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All Talk

Caption that reads, "When you acting hard in front of the squad but your horse knows you a b*tch" above a medieval painting of a guy holding a sword up while his horse looks at him with distrust
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Anybody Else Get Annoyed By This?

Stills from The Parent Trap where Hallie and Annie think it's weird that they have the same birthday; Tumblr user comments below, "YOU HAVE THE SAME F*CKING FACE"
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C'mon Mom!

Text that reads, "When you accidentally let go of your balloon and your mom won't buy you another one" over a pic of an actor lying face-down in front of a woman sitting in a chair
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Funny video about bad acting, the room, tommy wiseau, the disaster artist.

This Hilarious Compilation Covers The World's Worst Acting

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I'd Like to Thank My Fans

acting Memes - 9025659392
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