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Explain Like I'm 35: What is IJBOL?

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All over it!!!!

Pic of a sign that reads, "N - never; U - underestimate; T - teachers; Nut all over your school!!!"
Via ridiculost

I'm A Catch

"Yeah I'm CUTE - Cringey, Unbelievably annoying, Trash, Easy to forget"
Via FalseStream
Collection of Bad Acronym memes regarding respecting women, gangs, FBI, lots of Jesus, spongebob squarepants.

10 Best Bad Acronym Memes

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AA acronym literalism battery Alcoholics Anonymous double meaning - 6752161536
Created by xyzpdq1

A New Spin on an Old Classic

acronym double meaning laughing literalism mao - 6497523968
Via Rhymes With Orange

SWAG Y'all

acronym gay Memes swag - 6441355776
Created by PetePete

Looks Like This Soldier Finally Reached His Limit Break

acronym cloud double meaning hair Hall of Fame literalism shoop - 6040226304
Via Reddit


abbreviation acronym literalism lsd similar sounding - 5408193792

Spell it Out

acronym chemistry cat letters recipe spelling word - 5275800064
Created by Unknown

Make Sure You Chew Before You Swallow

acronym faptimes IRL sign - 5110698752

Prance This Waaaaaay!

acronym literalism my little pony similar sounding - 5119258880
Created by eddmario

Good Acronym Makers, Eh?

acronym good lost the game troll face - 5090991616

Courtesy BP (British Petunias)

acronym British literalism oil petroleum similar sounding spill - 5025461248
Created by maxystone

Parched in Snowy Seclusions

acronym band bear grylls demon KISS Music snow - 4867424768
Created by Random-Hero

Forever Alone: Never Knew It Was an Acronym!

acronym fap forever alone Party - 4864165632
Created by Oldtimers
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