She Follows These Five Simple Tricks!

Reductress tweet that reads, "Dermatologists hate her! This woman is really mean to dermatologists!" above a stock photo of a woman
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Caption that reads, "I have a big day tomorrow; Pimple: ..." above a comic of someone trying to pop a zit and the zit getting bigger, ultimately growing to be the size of the person
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Facewash: Self-Esteem Not Included

acne - 7869950976
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Balding? Really? REALLY?


Spotting a Zit on Someone Else's Face

gross acne sad but true web comics - 8397491968
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Some Advice About Things That People Worry About

acne judgement sick truth web comics - 8315095296
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Skin Care and Self Control

acne skin health web comics - 8298697984
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Every Time Before a Date

acne dates web comics - 8259726848
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A Teenage Balloon's Struggles With Acne

acne puberty web comics - 7994350080
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Growing Up is Tough

gross acne funny web comics - 7734832640
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The Mirror is Why You Always Look Like Crap

IRL mirrors acne - 7586510592
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This Isn't Beauty School

acne forever alone Rage Comics Sad - 6450932992
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Rage Comics: Girl You are Flawless!

acne commercials fu guy Rage Comics table flip - 6402545664
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It'll Be So Satisfying!

acne fu guy Rage Comics - 5788771328
Created by Unknown

Scumbag DNA: LIke a Diamond in a Pimple Mine

acne diamond face genes Scumbag Steve - 5779026944
See all captions Created by Unknown

It's Worse Than Before!

acne expectations vs reality medicine Rage Comics - 5451993088
Created by dylanmegusta
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