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Miraculous Times Lucky People Dodged A Bullet

Some people have a knack for avoiding disaster
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Funny news fails

Funny Moments of Failure From Print News

Mistakes happened on paper, too.
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A Load Of Unfortunate Incidents That Really, Really Suck

Oh man
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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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funny print and movie fails.

42 Film & Print Blunders That Are Filled With Regret

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People Talk About The Most Moronic Ways They've Injured Themselves

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The Universe Hates Me

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You First!


Indeed You Are

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Message Received


Worth It!

worth it please accidents - 8024954112
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Who is to Blame For This?

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Created by anselmbe

Their Relationship is a Wreck

cars relationships accidents dating - 8406057984

One Lucky Russian

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Just Taking The New Car Out For A Spin

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Created by f4-wulfhoud

An Important Reminder to Pay Attention While Changing Lanes

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