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Multilingual Dude Figures Out Perfect Formula For Speaking Human Simlish

Who knew?
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Funny video of a guy imitating David Attenborough's narration of a construction site

Dude Impersonates David Attenborough, Narrates A Construction Site

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Holy Crap It's So Accurate

Funny Eric Andre meme about how Australians are just British Texans
Via LeoSenior


Funny meme that reads, "Customer: cargo space? Me: car no do that. Car no fly"
Via ravenflies
Video of people in all 50 states demonstrating their state's accent

50 People Hilariously Demonstrate Their State's Accent

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scottish Pokémon wtf scottish slang anime dank memes united kingdom British UK accent gaming nintendo jo38ma3 - 7878917

'Scottish Pokemon Trainer' Is The Latest WTF Dank Meme To Grace The Internet

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donald trump accent Video - 77945857

Cockney Donald Trump is a Thing of Beauty

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prank accent - 45088769

Prank Artist of the Day

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We Never Should Have Left

accent america animaniacs youtube - 6630754048


accent hilarious sean connery SOON - 6480728576
Created by Erm_No

Accents Change Everything!

accent draw something literalism one Pronunciation similar sounding suffix tie two - 6319714816
Created by failbLOLg ( Via The Pun King )

Do You Really Need Us to Answer That Question?

accent axe britain British homophones question scent - 5665346304
Created by Unknown

That's Bloody Racist!

accent england Memes racist - 5617337856
See all captions Created by Herp Derp

Socially Awkward Penguin: No One Else Laughed? I Don't Believe It

accent asian election laugh socially awkward penguin - 5644951808
See all captions Created by thebaldone1978


accent hilarious Kim Jong-Il - 5585244160
Created by JonnyMacFarlane


accent carrot double meaning Ladies Love literalism sound - 5411767552
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