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Academic Memes Full Of Scholarly Humor

Are you a smart person? Did you study philosophy? Are you into...theory? Well, these memes are for you. They're heady. They're philosophical. And they love to name-check Foucault. While we're not expecting everyone to *get* each image macro, we love that they exist at the bizarre intersection of academia and easily digestible humor. And if you crave more? Check out Welcome to the Desert of the Meme. The page is in the process of pivoting to Instagram, but you can soak up their classics on the ol' FB. 

Funny memes, academic memes, theory memes | clueless Kant lived life celibacy and died before cars were invented e virgin who can't drive. | class Can stay discussion with second Let's go deeper on this Building on this point Let know if getting if other way around reminds want X's point unpack bullets
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