Sylvanian Drama TikTok series returns from hiatus and people are loving it

Sylvanian Drama Returns From Hiatus And It's As Chaotic As Ever

Who says that TikTok cannot be the arena for devastating psychosexual melodramas? Many haters have derided TikTok videos as vapid nonsense with no value whatsoever. The viral TikTok account Sylvanian Drama is all those things but is simultaneously one of the funniest series to hit the internet in a long time. Sylvanian Drama features various Sylvanian Families toys going through harrowing life experiences. They deal with eating disorders, alcoholism , bullying, sl*t shaming, fatphobia, murder,…
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Insomniac Shares Absurd Memes Created While Waiting for Sleeping Meds to Kick In

They're kind of beautiful
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Bizarre Memes In Glorious Flyer Form

Paper put to good use.
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“Maddie Banging On The Door” Is The Latest Dadaesque Remix Meme To Grace The Internet

Knock knock
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Funny memes and things from Obvious Plant

50 Marvelously Absurd Gems From the Incomparable Obvious Plant

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A Thorough Explanation of ‘I Forgor’ and Why Everyone Hates It

The internet is down to its last two braincells.
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Spy Kids 3 hilarious

Hilarious Tumblr Thread Details How Ridiculous The 'Spy Kids 3' Movie Really Is

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Satirical Tumblr post about Bigfoot being real but not visible because he disappears when he turns to the side
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absurd bacon hilarious tactical wtf - 5059744768
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DHL Shenanigans of the Day: Check Out This Ridiculously Overpacked Battery Charger

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absurd computers hilarious photos vintage wtf - 5817646336
Created by djrcreative

Sir Bird; How Absurd

absurd bird sir tea - 5769602304
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absurd fire helmet Pure Awesome wtf - 2902399744
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