Dayum, Ash

Caption that reads, "Damn...Ash is shredded as f*ck" above a pic of an Ash Ketchum figurine where he has a six-pack, next to stills from Pokemon where he lifts up very heavy Pokemon
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Asking the hard questions

Funny meme about abs and kebabs.
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Your Abs Will Shine Forever

web comics abs armor Your Abs Will Shine Forever


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Dad Bods Are In

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For Only $99.99 Learn Their Secrets!

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Seems Legit

beer six pack abs funny after 12 g rated - 8346330624
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It Takes a Lot of Abs

abs ball funny - 8252437248
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Those Abs Need to Be in Prison

abs puns web comics - 8242583808
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Slap the Fat Away!

six pack gifs abs - 8224433664

Hot Buns You Got There

abs cars buns funny - 8178669824
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The Redneck Workout Plan

workout abs rednecks - 8133857024

How To Get a Six Pack in 15 Minutes

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Yes. Yes I Do Enjoy That...

guys hot guys six pack abs dating - 7561450496
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The Strength Comes From the Abs

wtf kid eww abs funny - 7462600960
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